UV Tanning

Kiwi King

This sunbed is truly a bed fit for kings. Not only in visual terms, as taste also includes technology as well as comfort and convenience.

This is what we mean by luxury tanning:

  • High-pressure sunbed
  • Luxurious size,
  • Ultra powerful tanning performance
  • Comfortable airflow
  • Open design and stereo sound.

The Inspiration

The Inspiration 450 is destined to set new standards in this class with its level of premium features, exciting styling, light design, generous comfort and, above all, UV performance.


Big Apple

Soltron‘s Big Apple is a major VIP that exemplifies the latest trends, cool designs, extravagant features and enough power to light up a city. Its polished, shining exterior brightens salons and makes its presence known as the sunbed to choose for a great tan.
Big Apple – a real city girl of a sunbed – is au fait with all the latest trends with cool looks, extravagant features and the power you need to tan up for the next party. As you’d expect from a real city girl, Big Apple is prepared for any eventuality, coming with sound and scent for the perfect tanning session.

†Individual results and experience may vary.