oxygen infusion

5 Ways Oxygen Infusion Gets Rid of Crow's Feet in Record Time

We need Oxygen in our bodies to live and breathe.  Without it we simply can’t exist.  Our skin is subjected on a daily basis to radicals, excess sun exposure and other impurities.  These elements can cause skin to become dehydrated and prevent Oxygen from getting in.  With advanced technology of Oxygen Infusions you skin can have a more youthful appearance.  Here are 5 ways Oxygen Infusions get rid of Crow’s Feet in no time flat!

  1. Instantly Tones and Hydrates the skin.  With help from the hyperbaric oxygen, these treatments will almost instantly give you a younger more radiant appearance.  The Oxygen mixed with an Anti-Aging Serum is delivered directly into the skin's surface.  Your skin becomes more luminous as a result.

  2. Lifts and Plumps the skin.  Oxygen Facials have several benefits like the skin that is plump and lifted.  With oxygen that is directly pumped into the skin’s surface, this increases the moisture and tightness of the skin.  This method will give you instant gratification.

  3. Repairs uneven skin tones and gets rid of dead epilayers.  Even skin tone is often hard to achieve, especially for those living in inclement weather. With the Oxygen Facial the results give you additional prevention.  You’re also maximizing the skin's tone by exfoliating the outer layer where many impurities have attached themselves and often create dark dingy and grey tones.

  1. Purifies Skin Surface.  Just like our bodies feel rejuvenated after a hot shower or a day at the spa, our skin needs help purifying it’s surface.  Oil, Dirt, Make-Up, additional skin care products have become the top layer and prevent our skin from looking it’s best.  By getting regular Oxygen Facials, you will notice that the delicate layers of the face start to show a more healthful appearance.  

  2. Fine Lines and Wrinkles are dismissed.  Doing routine Oxygen Facials will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Places like Crow’s Feet, Lip lines, Jowls and your forehead will be less prominent. These treatments start to increase the skin’s healing cells allowing for healing power.  These treatments not only feel great, they make you feel years younger.  

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