3 Ways to Reduce Fat with Simple Treatments

It seems that we’re always on the quest to find better ways to improve our health and image.  There are no instant results with any treatment.  However, your body tells you when it’s operating and maintaining a more desirable status.  Here are four ways you can reduce fat with one simple treatment.


is a treatment that can stimulate your fat cells and activate the lipolysis. Lipomassage has proven to reduce cellulite, contour the body by evening the tone of the skin. It’s recommended to have Lipomassage up to 3 times per week and attend up to 10 sessions. This method of reducing fat can be quite effective when following the recommended schedule. The motorized rollers apply pressure in the troubled areas creating a release for lymphatic drainage to occur. This drainage is what helps to release additional water and bloating and you will feel like a million bucks afterwards. One treatment of Lipomassage will make your body jump start the body’s metabolism and begin eliminating fat cells.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatments

are another way to get rid of fat cells.  This works by creating harmony between blood flow and lymphatic fluids.  Lymphatic Drain Treatments work as a compliment to Lipomassage and Velashape.

Velashape Fat Treatment

will having you looking outstanding in no time. This method heats up the fat cells by using Infrared Light along with radio frequencies.  The use of the heat and light accelerate the fat to begin to moving the fat cells,  rather than being stagnant.

Once you experience a Velashape Fat Treatment your body will start to show results.  Loose skin will start to tighten and rejuvenate giving you a more desirable shape.

If you’d like to learn more about these treatments,  call us for a consultation.